Dota 2 Festival 2014

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

June 6-8, 2014

DOTA 2 Festival is an annual party for DOTA 2 fans in north America. During this 3-day event, you will witness the birth of our 2014 tournament winners, meet the best cosers ever, discuss the latest changes of the game and get your favourite peripherals in our secret shop.

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Tournament Grand Final

2:00pm June 7-8, 2014

With preliminaries and finals combined, the DOTA 2 Festival Tournament takes place over one month. Who will win the first place prize of 4,000 CAD?

Prize Pool

  • 1st - 4,000 CAD
  • 2nd - 1,500 CAD
  • 3rd - 800 CAD
  • 4th - 500 CAD

LGD Gaming

LGD Gaming is one of the most popular Chinese DOTA 2 teams. They were crowned champions of the DOTA 2 League Season 4 just two weeks ago. Will they be able to continue their winning ways in Toronto?


  • LGD Player DDDD
  • LGD Player SylarSylar
  • LGD Player Xiao8Xiao8
  • LGD Player YaoYao
  • LGD Player DDCDDC


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Alliance is probably the best team in 2013. They won the first place in The International 2013. Their performances were perfect last year. After a short downturn in January, will the powerful team come back in Toronto?


  • Alliance Player LodaLoda
  • Alliance Player AkkeAkke
  • Alliance Player S4S4
  • Alliance Player BulldogBulldog
  • Alliance Player EGMEGM


June 7 2:00PM Opening ceremony
4:00PM 1/5 round
6:00PM 2/5 round
June 8 2:00PM 3/5 round
4:00PM 4/5 round
6:00PM 5/5 round
8:00PM After party

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Join our conversation

9:00am June 6-8, 2014

The daily life of players and item designers will never be in the mist. Come to our party and have a chat with them. The participants will have a chance to win DOTA 2 t-shirts with autographs of your favourite players.

Review the highlights from past years

iceiceice was sharing his story

Daryl "iceiceice" Koh Pel Xiang in the conversation with fans in June, 2013.

Cosplay Performance

10:30am June 6-8, 2014

Cosers have been working so hard to prepare their costumes for this performance. Only three teams can be the best of the best to achieve three awards. This year, we will give you one of the best cosplay groups from China, the renowned "Pink Monkey Haven". They are famous for performing Crystal Maiden, Queen of Pain and Lina in past two years.

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Coser Tracey

Testimonial from


Best coser

The event was perfect. All the cosers have raved about it, how wonderful the competition was, and how great the festival staff was.

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Coser Alexa

Testimonial from


Best performance

Thanks for all your help in making this event happen. Everyone just loved the setting and the presentation of the cosplay competition. It was a lot of fun and relaxing time which was our goal.

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Coser Sarkar

Testimonial from


Best costume

Everything went so smoothly. It made our preparation so much easier. Everyone deserves a huge gold star for your professionalism.

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Peripherals secret shop

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Nature's Prophet

Nature's Prophet

Price: C$25

* Includes an exclusive item

DOTA 2 theme t-shirts

DOTA 2 theme t-shirts

Price: C$25

DOTA 2 hoodie

DOTA 2 hoodie

Price: C$75

Hero plushies

Hero plushies

Price: C$10

* Get a random hero from a ball

DOTA 2 Mouse


Price: C$65

DOTA 2 Donkey courier

Donkey courier

Price: C$25

DOTA 2 Headphones


Price: C$65

More peripherals are yet to come...

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First 50 fans who books the ticket will get an exclusive hero toy.

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