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Guobian Soup


Chinese rice pasta and seafood

Chops Stew Pot


Pork and vegetable

Sa-te Noodle


Sa-te sauce and noodles

Buddha Jumps over the Wall


A soup consists of many ingredients

Bian Rou Yan


Minced pork with soup

Litchi Meat


Stir-fried pork with special sour and sweet and sauce


You Tiao


Three pieces of deep-fried strip of dough

Turnip Cake


Made of shredded radish and rice flour

Sweet Rice Ball


Golden sesame pie made of rice flour

Sesame Pie


Four pieces of deep-fried rice ball with sesame



Congee with plenty ingredient options

Lunch / Dinner

Drunken Ribs


Ribs with special sour and sweet sauce

Tai Ji Taro


Sweet minced taro in two different colours

Shrimp Shumai


Four steaming shumai with shrimps

Fish Ball


Minced pork inside a ball made of minced fish

Lotus Leaf Rice


Steam rice with lotus, chicken and vegetables


Thousand Layers Cake


A rice cake with plenty layers

Shrimp Cakes


Deep-fried rice cake with shrimp inside

Water Chestnut Cake


A sweet dish. Pan-fried before serving

Red Bean Cake


A sweet red bean paste filling

Guang Bing


A deep-fried rice bread with meat and vegetable filling